Careers at HEXALON

HEXALON offers employment opportunity to highly motivated, career-oriented individuals in both the audit and tax field and we develops and retains highly competent personnel.

Also, we strongly support and encourage our staff to pursue advanced degrees, as well as require continuing professional education credits each year. At HEXALON, you will gain a variety of experience in many different industries. You will work and interact in a team setting with different individuals.


HEXALON places a high priority on the culture of our firm. The “trickle-down” influence starts with our partners and flows all the way to our staff members. HEXALON encourages individuals to advance themselves while building strong relationships within the firm, balancing work and social life and incorporating leadership values into everyday life. It is our priority to have a quality work environment along with positive attitudes from our employees to strive in the business world today.

If you will like to join our team, kindly send your cv to career@hexalon-ng.com

We look forward to doing great things with you
anywhere in the world.