Manufacturing & Distribution

The partners at HEXALON are aware of the fact that, the on-going success in the manufacturing and distribution industry is dependent on a company’s ability to minimize costs by utilizing information technologies effectively and implementing the best business practices. We understand these challenges and offers integrated services, tailored specifically to meet our clients’ needs. We therefore provide accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services to an extensive and diverse clientele in the manufacturing and distribution industry. HEXALON extensive experience and services, deliver extra value due to our familiarity with issues such as accurate order fulfillment and delivery, inventory costing and management, on-line ordering, and information flow.

Companies seeking to improve operations through development or enhancement of cost and financial management systems, manufacturing operations, and warehouse information systems have benefited from our expertise. We pride ourselves in helping clients improve the quality of information and the efficiency of business practices through strengthened and enhanced internal controls over their systems and processes.

In addition to services directly related to the manufacturing and distribution environment, HEXALON offers a wide range of additional services including cash flow analysis, operating budgets and forecasts, capital budgeting and long range planning, assistance with equity and debt financing, tax planning and compliance, and more.

Industries under this category are:

  • Textile
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Plastics
  • Branding and Packaging